About JAMA Ophthalmology

Neil M. Bressler, MD

JAMA Ophthalmology (formerly Archives of Ophthalmology), published continuously since 1869, is an international peer-reviewed ophthalmology and visual science journal published 12 times per year. The online version is published on the second Thursday of the month, with new online content published every Thursday. JAMA Ophthalmology's 2012 impact factor is 3.83 (the impact factor is a measure of citation rate per article, and is calculated by dividing 1 year's worth of citations to a journal's articles published in the previous 2 years by the number of major articles [eg, research papers, reviews] published by that journal in those 2 years). JAMA Ophthalmology's acceptance rate is 26% of the more than 800 unsolicited submitted manuscripts it receives annually. The editor of JAMA Ophthalmology is Neil M. Bressler, MD.


Mission Statement: To be the indispensable source of ophthalmic knowledge for the generalist, subspecialist, and trainee; to publish innovative, clinically relevant research for the vision scientist; to be the first choice for authors to submit their important manuscripts to; and to achieve this through authoritative peer review.

Access for Developing Countries: The online version of JAMA Ophthalmology is made freely available or nearly so to institutions in developing countries through the World Health Organization's HINARI program.

Print: ISSN 2168-6165
Online: ISSN 2168-6173